Name: Zizzix

Rank: Banished / ex scientist

Height: 9'11

Age: '100.5 (Irken years) 11 (Earth years')

Her lifeEdit

Zizzix was a young Irken scientist before she was banished by Red because he didn't like the fact that her and Purple were friends of some sort (Purple was one of the few Irkens who enjoyed being around her). The reason for her unusual tallness is that she was trying to create a new kind of doughnut to impress the Tallest, but when she tried one, it mucked up her DNA and poof--tall.

Weeks into her banishment, she was captured by the Resisty and was made a slave. During this time, she was tortured by Lard Nar (who is actually quite strong for a little guy) and the other members, made friends with Spleenk (the one who came up with the name "Resisty"), and convinced him to help her escape. The escape was a success and she spent three months in an escape pod, floating around before she crash-landed on Earth, more specifically the roof of Zim's base. The crash damaged her PAK and blanked out her memories, leaving her with not much more than her name and vague memories.

She is now pretending to be a stupid earth pig smelly Skool child. Zim hates her for smashing his base and Dib assumes she's either really crazy or an alien because on her first day of Skool, she asked if the hamster is food. Most of the Skool children think she is some weird amnesia girl and for the most part, ignore her.

Appearance Edit

Human disguise

Human Disguise

When she is in her Irken form, she is fairly pretty by Irken standards; tall slender with

Zizzix in Irken form

interesting antennae. Her eyes are abnormal combination of grey and amber.

When in her hologram disguise, she is a little Earth girl with a purple and green shirt and a shirt with some leggings. She has shoulder length red hair and the same eye colour as when she isn't in her disguise.


Before her time as a slave and the damage to her PAK, she was a very shy, if not overly quiet person. During her time on the Resisty's ship, she became very cold and void of all emotions. After her escape, she went back to her old self, but the damage to her PAK made her often go from extreme happiness to something that could be only described as "killey", if that's even an emotion.

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