Zirus Major and Minor

The binary system of Zirus, with its stars Zirus Major and Minor, is the system in which Planet Vraal is located.


The larger of the two stars was previously the owner of its own solar system, but when Zirus Minor, a migratory star, traveled into the orbital path of Zirus Major, the entire solar system was destroyed, save for Vraal, which was saved by its location between the two stars. Unfortunately, the huge amount of gravity exerted on Vraal tore a huge chunk out of the planet and flung it throughout the system. Millions of primitive Vraalskriths were killed in this action, and all of Vraal's ecosystem changed forever. Zirus Major is now pushing Zirus Minor farther away, and this is threatening to rip all of Vraal apart in the next millennium or two.


The binary system of Zirus is located in the far reaches of the galaxy's fifth spiral arm. Not too far away, at the edge of Vraalskrith Confederacy territory, is the Irken garbage dumping Planet Dirt. The massive red star of Irk is located a hundred and fifty Parsecs away between the fifth and fourth spiral arms of the galaxy. The threat of Vraalskriths interfering with any Irken matters is slim, but outer territories are still on alert for both races.


Many scientists believe that the Vraalskrith homeworld, when ripped apart in the next millennium or two, will speed Omniversal collapse at an exponential rate, as Zirus Major and Minor both were born in a nebula consisting of a rare material found in one location in each dimension. It is said that when Vraal is torn apart, the substance will find its way into the core of the planet, activating a huge rift in each layer of the Omniverse.

The Vraalskriths are wary of this fate, and therefore only have the emperor's palace and other ceremonial buildings on Vraal. This would leave them vulnerable were it not for the massive fleet in orbit of the system.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • Zim mentions Zirus Minor in his attempt to sell Poop Cola Candy door to door, although he misspoke, and called Planet Vraal Zirus Minor rather than talking about the star itself.
  • The Vraalskrith Confederacy has rule over just under seventy five star systems, a number that looks tiny compared to the Irken Empire.
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