I am ZIM!
— Zim.

Zim is an Irken Food Service Drone bent on taking over Earth, believing himself to still be an Invader. He is hated by almost every Irken in existence, and is extremely defective.

He is easily spotted in a crowd of other Irkens because of his height (or lack thereof), and is considered the smallest Irken Invader in the history of... Ever.

Although he is quite small and is mocked on his own planet, Zim has actually caused quite some damage...

Both good and bad.

Mostly bad.



Semi-Solid WIP canon timeline:

  1. Born, receives PAK. Upon receiving his information download, complains of '40 schmillion' errors in the data received, and causes Horrible Painful Overload Day, Part One, while trying to explain this. Done by shoving Smeets in a tube.
  2. Ten years later (unspecified whether or not human or Irken), tries to escape to surface from Academy VR training with Skoodge, who he convinces to help him. Runs into Dermis Prowler security droid, reaches surface as the droid, in it's pursuit of him, causes Horrible Painful Overload Day, Part Two.
  3. Is a Scientist on a Vort Research Station. When Tallest Miyuki is visiting, he criticizes the early designs of The Massive, and in an attempt to impress the tallest, unleashes an Infinite Energy Absorbing Blob. It eats her and runs rampant, and thus Tallest Miyuki is presumed killed. Causes a rift between Irk and Vort, presumably.
  4. During Irken Elite testing, causes blackout on half of the Planet while attempting to get a snack machine to work. Traps Tak, seeding her hatred of him. Around this time, he presumably takes the test himself and passes.
  5. Zim becomes an Irken Elite. During a ceremony with the new Tallest, Spork, he finds an old toy that his Blob had always liked. Coincidentally, the Blob is drawn to it, and devours the new Almighty Tallest in the process.
  6. Somehow, Zim continues on to become an Invader, and when OID 1 comes around, he is told to stay in a circle. However, he disobeys orders due to his zealous love of the Empire, and goes on a rampage in a mech, thinking his homeworld is an enemy planet. He eventually leaves it and continues the rampage in a Plasma-Armed Battle Tank before it ends.
  7. Due to the destruction he caused before, he is demoted to Food Service Drone and sent to Foodcourtia as punishment; he erroneously believes this to be a vacation of some sort.
  8. Zim hears of Impending Doom 2 while on break on Foodcourtia, and flees, taking a Voot Runner to Conventia as the Foodening begins, trapping his boss Sizz-Lorr on the planet.
  9. The main events of Invader Zim take place.
  10. The comics.





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