Zglorb'gglorfn'noogin'blogaughxinxorp, or otherwise known as God by filthy humans, is an ancient being that was involved in the creation of Z-14


God bein reel lazy as usual


12 Trillion Years ago,God was created after one of the first humans in the Multiverse fell into a rift, and ended up in a strange dimension that gave him god-like powers. Eventually he decided to call this dimension "Heaven". After mercilessly killing off the inhabitants of this dimension, he recreated it into a place filled with fluffy clouds and flying bunnies. 

A few years later, God accidentally blew up a giant cosmic vending machine, causing two universes to collide. These two universes eventually formed Z-14. Seeing this as an oppurtunity to avoid boredom, God crossed over into primordial Z-14 and decided to create the first lifeforms. However,after about a few days of fooling around with said lifeforms,God got really bored with them and blew them all up. God decided to restart life in Z-14 and leave it to take care of it self. This led to life evolving on its own.

God then created the Grim Reaper, and some other supernatural creatures to take care of Z-14 while he was in Heaven. He then decided to give lifeforms in Z-14 a "soul". God then created strange hideous winged human baby-esque creatures known as "Angels". God put these Angels in charge of bringing souls to Heaven after their organic bodies died. However, these angels were pretty lazy and often left souls in Z-14 to wander around aimlessly. 

Eventually God met some horned guy named Satan, and found him pretty alright. He often complimented God and gave him gifts. Satan soon proposed a deal with God that he would be able to take half of the souls in Z-14 to his realm, and the other half would go to heaven or whatever else,also that Satan would be able to somewhat control certain areas around Earth. God agreed. 

Unfortunately,eventually God got so lazy he literally did nothing but sit around all day in Heaven. He got really overweight and had to create a horrible couch creature to move him around and give him food. He has been that way ever since.


God is known to be extremely selfish and lazy,and usually doesnt care about the well being of others. 




  • His real name "Zglorb'gglorfn'noogin'blogaughxinxorp" cannot be pronouced by mortals. 
  • He is based of off God from JTHM
  • He is incredibly powerful, but can be destroyed. However his weaknesses are unknown.
  • He can only use his god-like powers in Z-14 and a few other dimensions. Outside these realms he is only capable of using powerful magic.
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