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Vacation Planet

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Being torn apart by a rift

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The rift


"Planet Zendra 4! A planet known for it's lush,tropical vacation spots! Also for it's incredibly dangerous,contagious,uncurable diseases!"-Intergalactic Tour Guide

Planet Zendra 4 is a planet conquered by Commander Ritt in 2010(Irken Time ).

Unfortunately,once Commander Ritt began his plan to conquer the planet,the Zendrians found him. Commander Ritt managed to send a distress signal to the Irken Amarda(while it was near Zendra 4's system). Ritt was brutally killed by the Zendrians,but soon a small fleet of Irken Amarda ships arrived. The Zendrians put up a fight,but they eventually lost. This conflict was since known as "The War Of 15 Hours". Most of the Zendrian population was destroyed,and the planet was conquered. A cheap,poorly made giftshop was made in "honor" of Ritt. Eventually the Zendrian population went extinct,after mass hunting from Irken soldiers. 

It was then converted into a vacation planet. Many irkens travel to this planet for relaxation.

It was recently opened up for the public,allowed other species to visit. However,only Irkens can stay here for an unlimited amount of time. Any non irkens caught on the planet for more then 1 month,will be arrested and given a horrible pummeling by irken officers. Along with a painful tazer to the face. 

Zendra 4(COLOR)

Aftermath of the rift


It's surface is mostly covered in jungles,rainforests,and beaches. There are also several thousands of islands on the planet.


The atmosphere is foggy. It has a sky similar sky to Earth.

Grand Metroid Island (Menu Select) - Metroid Prime Music Extended

Grand Metroid Island (Menu Select) - Metroid Prime Music Extended

Zendra 4 theme


Zendra's climate is mostly warm and wet across the planet. There are also a few gigantic deserts on the planet however. 


Ever since the meddling of a primordial rift by a horrible,stupid Irken child(Known as Z until an article is made),a terrifying rift has been created on Zendra 4. It grows more unstable each day,and has been unleashing inter-dimensional horrors onto the planet's surface. 

A large irken army has been dispatched on the planets for months,however,it has been failing to contain the rift. The army has also been inconvienced by the creatures that emerge from it. Irken scientists are stumbled by the rift's nature,and so far have not found a way to stop it's chaos. If it is not stopped,soon the rift will engulf planet Zendra 4,and completely destroy the planet.


  • It is based on a place made on ROBLOX,created as a roleplay place for Mysteriousjillguy's old outdated horrible roleplays.
  • It's concept and idea was also co-created by Invader Vax. He also helped make this article. 
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