"He survived out of pure luck..that's all."-Zeerk after the moon battle with DanEdit


Zeerk is an irken that lived during the Irk-o-pocalypse. He tried to contact the empire in the normal universe for almost 200 Robloxian years, and is a well known friend of Menami.


Zeerk was born on planet Irk. After he was born,given basic irken knowledge,and given a name,he was mysteriously transported to planet Vertec by an inter dimensional vortex that appeared out of nowhere. For 13 Robloxian years,Zeerk learned to survive in the ruins of Planet Vertec. Soon after,Zeerk managed to meet Menami. Menami and Zeerk lived together on any habitable planet they could find. They often visited Robloxia to spy on it's inhabitants. Zeerk,after living with Menami for so long,formed a crush on her. Menami found out eventually. Despite Menami not having feelings for him,he never stopped trying to win her heart. Eventually,Zeerk was introduced to Menami's friends,Dan,a demon from the underworld and Fes,a vampire robloxian. Zeerk and these two new allies often got in quarrels. Soon this bickering turned into fights.

The Moon battleEdit

Zeerk challenged Dan to a fight on the dark side of Robloxia's moon. Dan has incredibly powerful demonic powers,but Zeerk created a suit that enhanced strentgh and fighting abilities. The fight was so chaotic it caused a chunk of Robloxia's moon to be destroyed.The robloxians,being stupid,ignored this. Dan won this battle,but Zeerk lost with terrible injuries. Menami helped him heal back to health. After this battle,Zeerk earned respect from Dan. Although,Fes was the oppisite. Eventually,Zeerk's anger got him in trouble again,and Zeerk challenged Dan to ANOTHER fight. Zeerk ended up losing and lost Dan's respect. Dan and Fes were still his friends,although they disrespected him often. Menami's efforts to stop their quarrels were useless,because they just kept fighting. Zeerk was often teased for having "weak abilities". 

Mechanian hybridizationEdit

Zeerk thought of a plan,he repaired his power suit and went searching for advanced technology. Soon,he had found the remains of the Mechanian race,an ancient race of xenophobic intelligent machines. He combined mechanian technology with his PAK and suit,making him more powerful then ever. His spider legs could now shapeshift and transform into weapons. His PAK could also shapeshift into a mechanian esque armor that covered Zeerk's body. Zeerk challenged Dan to a fight on the moon with his powers,he ultimately won in this fight. Although,Dan's respect for him had not changed.

Zeerk's fusion with dark magicEdit

Although,he was still not satisfied with his power. Dan and Fes's teasing annoyed him more and more,so he went to Menami for help. Menami had been practicing dark magics found in abandoned areas of Robloxia. She also borrowed stuff from Dan as well. Zeerk wanted Menami to fuse dark magic with his power suit,his PAK,and his mechanian technology. Menami was unsure of this choice,but Zeerk persuaded her eventually. 

The dark magic had fused with him,making Zeerk even more powerful then ever before,he dubbed himself "Dark Zeerk". Zeerk had now transformed into a black skinned Irken with red,shine less eyes,his antennae became almost sythe like,his teeth became sharp,and his spider legs became sharp and longer. He could also turn into pure shadow to sneak around,hypnotize people and enter their mind,and create hot spheres of dark energy to launch at enemies. Zeerk misused his power on Menami,hoping he could change her mind and make her love him. Although,Menami could fight Zeerk's hypnosis and eject him out of her mind.

Soon,Zeerk challenged Dan to another fight,but Fes interfered and challenged Zeerk to a fight instead. Zeerk accepted,and they traveled to planet Traxus VI to battle. Zeerk used his power suit and Mechanian powers first,damaging Fes. Strangely,Fes was still standing. It was revealed that Fes had been training with Dan and increased his strength. Zeerk,determined to defeat Fes,decided to combine his mechanian powers,suit,and the full power of his dark magic together. Menami and Dan warned him to not combine his powers,because it could overload his PAK and kill him. It was too late for this,however. Zeerk combined his powers and transformed into a massive,dark magic infused mechanian worm. Dan and Menami fled the scene and used a magic spell to contain Zeerk and Fes in a giant energy forcefield for safety. Zeerk's combined power defeated Fes. Unfortunately,Zeerk began to feel the desperate need to kill. He attacked Fes while he was weak and consumed him. Dan and Menami tried to stop him,but the energy shield spell hadn't worn off yet.

Once the shield wore off,Zeerk intended to kill Dan and Menami,and then whatever lifeform he could find. Suddenly,Fes made a deal with Death after he had died and came back to life. Fes had gained much respect for him after he had been revived. Fes and Dan agreed to stop Zeerk,so they used a dark magic spell to stabilize Zeerk's powers. With Menami's help,they suceeded. Zeerk reformed into an irken and expelled his powers. Dan and Fes promised to respect Zeerk,and Zeerk never bothered them into a fight ever again. However,Zeerk's powers would one day come back to haunt him.

Empire rebuildingEdit

After 2 robloxian years,Zeerk and Menami had become the target of mercinaries and bounty hunters. Irkens were a rare race in the Robloxian universe,so they were hunted for cash. Zeerk finally had enough and decided to rebuild the Irken Empire from scratch. Zeerk,Dan,Menami,and Fes went on a journey across the galaxy. They looked for Irken refugees and formed a small force of Irkens. This force created a home base on distant planets.

Zeerk,being prideful,contacted the Alemus race,proposing war. The Alemus ignored this,thinking they were fools. Zeerk was persistent and constantly threatened them. The Alemus became agitated and raided Zeerk's home base. Zeerk and his friends retreated. Zeerk's annoying threats and Alemus's anger toward his idiocy would be the trigger for the horrible Alemus war. The Alemus declared Irkens as "bothersome pests" and hunted them. Zeerk managed to fend them off for a few weeks,but went into hiding. The Irken race wasn't heard from in a while,and the Alemus went back to their duties.

Dark Mario's creationEdit

Zeerk and his friends often celebrated on distant planets,relaxing and having fun. Zeerk usually made hair brained schemes to steal Menami's heart,Menami was often disgusted and his plans failed. He eventually became depressed about this and went to Robloxia to dround his sadness. Zeerk met Mario here,when he was an alien. Zeerk and Mario became great friends and created technology together. Using an old Robloxian space station,they created this technology. Their tech often involved DNA experiments. Mario and Zeerk created a cloning machine,to try and repopulate Mario's race and create Irkens. This cloning machine malfunctioned and created an army of evil Mario duplicates. These duplicates took over the station and captured them. One of these clones became the clone army's leader. This clone called himself,"Dark Mario". Dark Mario created a machine to give him power similar to Mario's Robloxian powers. Zeerk and Mario defeated them by expelling them into space by using an airlock. Dark Mario vowed for vengance,and was never seen again. After,Zeerk and Mario tried to construct an inter dimensional warper to head to Mario's home planet. The warper was suddenly affected with a strange magic and made Mario dissappear out of thin air. Mario went missing after this event,until Lurk was born.

After this,Zeerk's crush began to pester Menami,often angering her. He eventually became jealous of Dan and Fes,acusing them of loving Menami. This jealousy and love for Menami caused him to become very emotional. His jealousy transformed into sheer anger,and his mechanian abilities began to go unstable. Soon his dark magic powers began to return again,although they were expelled from his body,they still lingered in his mind and PAK. His powers corrupted his mind and became sentient. The dark magic sealed Zeerk in his own mind,and took control of his body. This new Zeerk refered to himself as Dark Zeerk. Dark Zeerk went after Dan and Fes and vowed to destroy them. Dan,Fes,and Menami suspected that Zeerk was acting up again. Zeerk's bloodlust angered Menami to the point of her hating him. Dark Zeerk was angered at Menami and revealed to them that Zeerk was trapped in his own mind,being totured. Dark Zeerk proposed that Menami let him kill Dan and Fes,or he would take full control of Zeerk's body and destroy Zeerk. Dark Zeerk went to a marshland on planet Traxus Vi,and as expected,Dan,Fes,and Menami followed. Dan and Fes foolishly tried to attack him,but his power was too much for them. Menami tried to use a spell to seperate Dark Zeerk from his body,but needed Fes and Dan's supernatural powers. Unfortunately,Dan and Fes had to charge up their power to use the spell. Menami encouraged Zeerk to fight Dark Zeerk from the inside so they could charge up. Dark Zeerk fought Zeerk in his mind ehile they charged. Finally,they finished charging and used the spell. Dark Zeerk and Zeerk had been seperated. Zeerk lost his mechanian powers and dark magic completely,rendering him a normal Irken. Dark Zeerk had manifested into physical form,but was too weak from Zeerk's resistance. Zeerk took Menami's spell book and ripped open a vortex to an alternate universe,sending Dark Zeerk and sending him to parts unknown. 

Zeerk's meeting with LIR and contact with the empireEdit

After 2 Robloxian years,Zeerk created a teleporter to beam from their hideout bases to Robloxia. This teleporter malfunctioned and somehow sent them to Foodcourtia. Meanwhile,Zeerk's malfunctioning teleporter altered Zeerk's and Menami's DNA in some form,and copied their molecular structure. The teleporter merged their DNA amd molecular structure together,creating 3 unindentified Irken smeets. It then beamed them into space. Back on Foodcourtia,they assumed the Robloxian universe had an alternate version of Foodcourtia,ironically. They visited a Foodcourtian bar for drinks. This was ultimately where Zeerk met LIR,as a service droid. 

After 20 Robloxian years of trying to rebuild the Irken race,Zeerk had created a base on planet Robloxia and a holographic human disguise. Zeerk discovered the abandonded warpgate near Vertec. The portal was used to bring the Irken invasion to and out of Robloxia's universe. He managed to contact the Irken Empire through an inter dimensional signal,telling them that they were alive. The Empire decided to send help,but quickly denied it after discovering traces of dark magic and strange supernatural energy on Foodcourtia. It all traced to Zeerk's signal. The Empire instead lied to Zeerk and told them they were sending an "invader" to help. Zeerk waited for the invader,and this invader came to Robloxia. Unfortunately,it was Zim,Zim was captured and sent to Robloxia for the Tallest's enjoyment. Zeerk and his friends became convinced that Zim was sent on mistake. Zeerk tried to call them back,but the signal was blocked. Zeerk thought the signal was simply broken. 

Zeerk's demise and alternate counterpartEdit

Soon after,Zeerk got in a quarrel with Menami about her feelings with him. Zeerk became furious and angered Menami,causing her to declare him an annoying pest. Zeerk decided to hide on planet Vertec. Concidentally,Zim traveled there to repair the warpgate to Irk. Zim proposed that the tallests had sent him here to study the "native mutant SPARKLY blood sucking irkens".  Zeerk explained to Zim out of annoyance that the Tallests hated him. Unfortunately,Zim didn't take this too well and shot his PAK with a PAK spider leg. The shot was fatal and had killed Zeerk. Zim then took Zeerk's PAK and repaired the portal. He then went to the tallest to bring "research from the mutant irkens". The tallests sent him back to Irk and decided to just dump the damaged PAK with the others of deceased Irkens. Most of the PAK's data was erased and it was recycled into a new Irken,who would become known as "Lurk". Unfortunately for Zeerk's friends,the portal has broke again due to Zim's poor repair skills. Menami discovered Zeerk was killed by Zim on planet Vertec. Menami stayed with Dan and Fes,sad and greiving. 

An alternate Zeerk was created in the present,in the dream zone when Lurk,Menami,Zik,and others discovered Lurk's memory world of Zeerk. Their interference with Lurk's memory created an alternate timeline where Zeerk didn't die. Although,the true Zeerk was still dead.


Zeerk is an optimistic,calm irken who lacks the xenophobia seen in most Irkens. He often chooses to stay out of conflict unless it's completely necessary,or if his friends are threatened. This causes Zeerk to not visit Irken dominated worlds often,fearing prejudice and hostile reactions to his strange unorthodox beliefs and his mechanian powers.

Zeerk seems also very interested in the Mechanian race,and the full capabilities of his powers. He also has a strong hatred for mechanian tech being used for nefarious purposes,seeing it as a gross misuse of technology.

Zeerk often hides his feelings from other people,not wanting them to see him upset. He is also known to be very gullible if desperate enough.


Zeerk wears a pink,standard invader uniform,has light blue eyes,a scar above his left eye,and a light blue spotted custom PAK. His disguise is like Lurk's but with black boots,gloves,and red pupils. The disguise's hair is also a wig. It's also less advanced then Lurk's.


Zeerk can shapeshift his PAK into armor. This armor can transform him into whatever organisim he chooses,although whatever he chooses will be made of mechanian parts. Also the organisim will be limited to Zeerk's combat skills.

Zeerk also posseses a suit of armor that gives him increased strentgh and power. This armor allows him to fire energy spear shaped projectiles at enemies. Alternate Zeerk does not possess this suit,however,but still has mechanian powers.


  • Menami (Both)- Zeerk loves her and will do anything for her. Even if it means death. Although,Menami only sees him as a friend,but he often ignores this fact and tries to constantly get her to love him.
  • Zik - (Alternate Zeerk)Zeerk despises Zik and is very jealous of him. He'll push him away from Menami often.
  • Lurk-(Alternate Zeerk)Zeerk is connected to his memories and thoughts(along with pain,unfortunately) in the dream world. Although,they don't get along often,they work well together in combat. Zeerk is often annoyed by his destructive behavior however. He also tends to make sure he stays out of trouble whenever he can.
  • LIR-(Alternate Zeerk) Sees him as a friend,although he knows very little about him.
  • Mario -(Alternate Zeerk) Being an almost exact copy of his timeline's Mario,they get along very well.
  • Jib -(Alternate Zeerk) Sees him as an ally,but knows little about him.
  • Dan- Sees him as a fellow friend,although they bicker often. Alternate Zeerk does not remember him much.
  • Fes-Sees him as a friend,but very annoying. Alternate Zeerk does not remember him that much.
  • Vok-(Both)Sees him as potentially extremely dangerous,but often decides to stay clear of his path and avoid most contact with him. Zeerk finds him extremely annoying and rude.
  • Vlud(Both)-He seems to have bad history with him. Zeerk hates him with a burning passion.
  • Knox-Sees him as a dangerous threat.
  • SICC-Hates him with a burning passion for using Mechanian tech for evil. Sees him as an extremely dangerous threat and plans to take him down.


Trivia of mindnumbing stupidityEdit

  • The alternate timeline Menami has supernatural powers.
  • Zeerk's dark magic form weakness is intensely bright light. Regular magic can also affect him.
  • Alternate Zeerk is jealous of Zik.
  • Zeerk's disguise was discovered from his remains,by Lurk on planet Vertec in Introduction Of Doom.
  • LIR was much more mellow when Zeerk was alive.
  • Zeerk ultimately caused the Alemus War.
  • Lurk is actually a glitch reincarnation of Zeerk. Zeerk is Lurk's 2nd life,the 1st being Larkz.
  • The exact reason for the empire denying Zeerk's request for help due to the dark magic is unknown.
  • The three nameless smeets are currently in an alternate reality full of giant puppies and magical unicorns. They rule their own sickeningly cute kingdom there. However,the third smeet lives in a kingdom neighboring theirs full of red unicorns and man eating,cyborg,flying lobsters.
  • Zeerk's fusion with his mechanian powers,dark magic,and power suit was not used to it's full potential,due to Fes being easily defeated. If Zeerk's battle with Dan with just his SUIT caused a whole chunk of Robloxia's moon to be destroyed,Zeerk's abilities at full power could cause MUCH more damage. 
  • An example of Zeerk's power nearing it's full potential is by Zirus,in Dependance Day.
  • Zeerk's hatred of misuse of mechanian tech causes him to despise SICC,and sees him as a major threat. He also seems to dislike Knox's forces.
  • After he was "resurrected" in Dream Zone,his alternate timeline sped up to the present timeline,causing him to mature. Zeerk used to be very cocky,stubborn,and immature for his age. He often challenged those stronger then him out of idiotic pride.
  • Zeerk is often busy in his timeline,so he doesn't visit the prime timeline all the time.
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