Zathar is the "son" of alternate versions of Lurk and LIR.


Zathar was created by (Alternate)Lurk to be a clone henchmen for Lurk,but he was kicked out of Lurk's base after almost destroying it over spilled milk.

He wasn't cloned correctly,causing him to be missing limbs and certain vital organs. Lurk and LIR made him a cyborg using SIR unit parts to keep him alive.

Ever since he was kicked out of Lurk's base,he wandered across the universe with a super advanced black mortocycle(It is unknown how it could fly or travel through the cold merciless depths of space).

Usually,he ocassionaly visits Lurk and LIR to hang out with them,oblivious to the fact that he annoys them both. He also travels to Maz's world as well. He is also Maz's (former)boyfriend.


Zathar 001

His de-sueified form

After the events of THE DAY THE MULTIVERSE WAS STOOPID,Zathar was "de-sueified" after being zapped by a machine made by Maz's SIR unit. Ever since then,he's been working with Nightmare Lurk to plot his revenge on Maz and her friends. Also to eventually gain power once Nightmare Lurk's plan to conquer Nightmare Irk suceedes.


Zathar is capable of converting himself into a spinning disk of pure laser energy. His energy disk is hot enough to melt concrete,and can cut through flesh and bone like butter. 


Zathar is cocky,obnoxious,ignorant and most of the time,arrogant. Zathar is also known to enter any fight, without even thinking about the possibility of losing. He is also very lazy and tends to be a procrastinator at times. 

Ever since Maz broke up with him,he's hated her and her friends with a burning passion. He plans to one day kill them all and make them suffer. 

He also works for Nightmare Lurk,but sees him as a failure as a leader. He plans to betray him once his plan suceedes and he gains enough power.

Zathar also disrepects any women he comes in contact with,and often flirts with them despite their hatred of him. Zathar is also very desperate after Maz broke up with him,and will take any offer for a female to replace her. Although,he will still treat said female like dirt.

When Zathar is sad,he tends to get incredibly angsty and whiney. This often annoys anyone around him. Although,he usually hides any feeling of sadness he has.


Zathar is a 4 foot Irken that looks similar to Lurk.


  • Jaz-Zathar loves to tease Jaz and flirt with her. This causes Jaz to hate Zathar. However,Zathar is not bothered by this,and continues to pester her. Zathar calls her "the fiesty one".
  • Menami-Zathar often disrepects her and doesn't like her much. He sees her as a pushover and often takes advantage of this. Although,he admires her appearance greatly and often pokes her in random places.
  • Invader Maz-Hates her after she broke up with him. Zathar now wants to ruin her life and make her pay.
  • Lurk(Alternate)-Zathar sees his creator as a father figure. Although Lurk doesn't seem to like him,he always looks up to him.
  • LIR(Alternate)-Zathar appreciates LIR. He is usually nice to him. Although LIR hates him.
  • Lurk(Z-14)-Zathar intensely hates Lurk after being de-sueified,and plans to destroy him.
  • LIR(Z-14)-Hates him with a passion. Zathar also finds him incredibly annoying.
  • Sevn -Him as "creepy" but still teases him, and also seems to enjoy beating up Sevn.
  • Invader Vex-Zathar dislikes Vex greatly,and wants to ruin his career as a scientist and life. 
  • Zik-Zathar wants him to break up with Menami,to let them both know how heart break feels. He usually annoys him and pretends to not be afraid of him. Deep down he is intimidated by Zik. 
  • Nightmare Lurk-Respects him when he is around. Secretly,Zathar sees him as an idiot and plans to betray him. 
  • Tilex-Zathar likes Tilex and wants him to join his side when he betrays Nightmare Lurk.


  • Zathar is a parody of mary sue characters.
  • Like many Mary sues,Zathar is related to another Irken.
  • It is unknown how Zathar has hair,it could be possible that like King Nark,his version of Lurk had his disguise put in his DNA.
  • Zathar gets dumped by Maz in THE DAY THE MULTIVERSE WAS STOOPID.
  • Zathar is from the universe of Z-6020.
  • Zathar is capable of rapidly spinning his body to "drill" through objects in his sue form. With his "drill" abilitry,he can break through solid metal. Zathar can also bite through metal with his sharp teeth. Also,Zathar is capable of curling up into a ball and spinning,creating a high speed spinning sphere. He can break through metal with his "spin" attack.
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