Zarbaken is a giant supercomputer created by the Bulvirvans.

History Edit

Zarbaken was created with a massive amount of intelligence, and was created with the sole purpose of calculating the key to a perfect world. When it began its calculation, the Bulvirvans waited and waited. It was not until one day that Zarbaken finished the calculation. It sent a message all throughout the planet. Everyone was so excited that it was put on live TV. But when they got there, Zarbaken was gone. It has been missing ever since.

Personality Edit

Zarbaken was, of course, extremely intelligent. It had been programmed with tons and tons of advanced calculators inside its head. It actually had some emotions programmed into it, and was known to get very frustrated.

Appearance Edit

Zarbaken looked like a giant man with a computer for a head. On the screen was an eight-bit green face. Zarbaken also sat on a giant chair, which it was attached to.

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