Zak is an insane Irken that has multiple personality disorder.


Zak used to be an Invader, but went insane and nearly ended up destroying Irk. He was put in a high security prison where he could do no damage, and it was there that The Tallest realized that his PAK was faulty. They also found out that whenever he was in his human disguise he seemed to have a completely different personality, one that was less violent and completely sane. So, they reprogrammed him Pak so that he can not consciously return to his Irken form. The human personality has no idea that he is Irken.


He awoke in the prison, without his PAK and with his cell unlocked. It was there that he met Lurk, an Irken that can teleport, and his SIR unit, LIR. There he also meets Sarks, another Irken.

The AwakeningEdit

They go to Lurk's base to rest up. And when Lurk senses an Irken energy source coming from Zak, he decides to repair Zak's Pak. Not knowing, Lurk places the Pak on his back, which subconsciously releases Irken Zak. He attacks them all with a knife, but they manage to knock him out and return him to his human disguise. When he wakes up, he can't remember what happened.
Zak Irken

Irken Zak


  • Zak does not realize he is Irken.
  • He lived on Earth for a while after he nearly destroyed Irk, as a human.
  • He is good friends with Dib.
  • He has no SIR unit.
  • He does not need his PAK
  • He is incredibly fast and agile, much more than a regular human.
  • He has red blood, unlike other Irkens.
  • His Irken form has razor sharp claws instead of fingers
  • His PAK gives him more strength but he is more likely to unlock his Irken form, so Lurk won't let Zak wear it.
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