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ZY-237 is a space station orbiting Irk. It is used as a home to soldiers and other Irken military, and also holds several training rooms and other rooms of different military purposes. 

The Station[]

ZY-237 is large, and triangle shaped, with a large satelite dish on the very top, which is used to contact Irk and other nearby planets. The top floor is used as a large storage department, filled with military supplies. Under that is the all-purpose floor, consisting of the mess hall, the emergency room, and barracks for soldiers and cadets. Below that floor is the Docking Station, consisting of several entrances to the station, as well as a welcome center.

Directly below this floor is the Training Center, where Cadets, Soldiers, and Elites are sent to several different challanges connected by a hallway, teaching the soldiers how to deal with several different potential situations. Under that is several apartments that Elites and above can live in, and are home to Tark, Mie, and several other Irken soldiers. The bottom floor of the station serves as the electricity room, consisting of a large power core connected to several computers.