The Prisoner Containment Cell is a room in ZIM's base designed by him to hold prisoners captured on his "mission" for interrogation and information extraction.

ZIM HoldingCell
ZIM's Prisoner Containment Cell

To contain and/or interrogate prisoners captured by ZIM.

First Appearance

Invader ZIM: The DOOM Movie!


During IZ:TDM! Edit

The Prisoner Containment Cell was created for use in Invader ZIM: The DOOM Movie!, in a scene where ZIM captures Smoots (who had just crash-landed on Earth following an escape attempt from Defective Area 9).

During this scene, Smoots is interrogated by ZIM. Being a defective, she provides no helpful information whatsoever, leading ZIM to the conclusion that she escaped Irk by hi-jacking a flying space monkey before navigating her way to Earth in an attempt to take over ZIM's mission and steal his glory. While none of this is true, Smoots doesn't seem to understand these accusations or what they mean, and goes along with it in ignorance.

Smoots actually manages to escape the cell thanks to a glitch in ZIM's security. ZIM, being a defective, has a corrupted datapath in his PAK just like Smoots, and - as a result - the Computer was briefly confused when Smoots requested permission to leave the cell. The problem is resolved when ZIM commands the Computer to stun Smoots (rendering her unconscious) and Minimoose drags her back into the cell.

Trivia Edit

  • The cell itself is somewhat remeniscient of a standard police interrogation room seen in many cop shows.
  • On the inside of the cell, written in Irken, a sign over the doorway threatens, "Talk or die!"
  • The basic layout was designed by Stanley Orr, whose preliminary sketches may be found here, here, here, and here.
  • The finalized design was provided by Rakuin on DeviantART, and may be found here, here, here, and here.
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