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The Z Multiverse or otherwise known as the Invader Zim Multiverse,is the multiverse everything and anything that is related to Invader Zim takes place in. There are at least 90000 known universes in this Multiverse. 

Known universes In Irken Conquest[]

  • Nightmare Dimension
  • Death Dimension
  • Fury Dimension
  • Z-6000
  • Z-6020
  • ZT-1 (Zik's home dimension(Not much known)
  • A universe where all known races somehow have access to Earth cable,and Judge Judy is the most popular show across 3 galaxies. 
  • A universe where Earth has entered an apocalypse from the entire human population watching a Simpsons Marathon,containing every episode ever made,for days.
  • Z-3020,a universe where Elite Sniper Delta shouts "MLG No scope!" and "FaZe IRKEN ARMY" every single time he gets a headshot. 
  • Z-27
  • The Marshmallow dimension
  • Dream Zone
  • Hell(The Underworld,first universe discovered outside the Multiverse,strangely connected to Z-14,not much known)
  • The cube dimension(Not much known)
  • "The Magical Fancy Prancy place of impossibly soft bunnies and sickeningly happy clouds"(Heaven,second universe discovered outside the Multiverse,strangely connected to Z-14,not much known)
  • The Spiral Dimension(Unknown)
  • The Geometric Dimension(Unknown)
  • The Timeosphere(Unknown,rumored)
  • Robloxia(Former Invasion target)
  • Minecraft Dimension(Rumored,not much known)
  • Mechanis(Not much known)
  • Poodle Universe(Not much known)
  • Z-676(A universe where Schmoob hates the Multiverse and Fionna with a fiery passion.)
  • A universe where two horrible Earth info sites called "Encyclopedia Dramatica" and "Uncyclopedia" is completely correct.
  • Veyu dimension(Marios homeworld)
  • Voheddrion dimension(Unknown)
  • Fast Food Realms