Z-6020 is the universe where Zathar was born. In this universe, the Brick Dimension collided with another nearby universe, causing Robloxia and it's entire dimension to be wiped from existence.

Differences with Z-14

  • Lurk never made clones.
  • Lurk and Menami haven't seen each other since The Irk-o-pocalypse.
  • Lurk became a scientist in this alternate universe, but still went insane after having his PAK damaged in a generator explosion. He now lives secluded in an abandoned irken research center somewhere on planet Brismilth, and has turned it into his hideout. Unlike the prime Lurk, he spends most of his time trying to figure out how to fix rifts. That and writing fanfictions. Another difference from prime Lurk is that he doesn't just like fionna, but instead is obsessed with tons of different fictional characters, referring to them as his "waifus". 
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