This is an alternate timeline of Z-14,it appeared in 1000 thousand years later. This timeline was prevented from happening after the events of 1000 thousand years later.

This timeline is similar to the present timeline,but ended in horrible tragedies,the death of many important Irkens and others,the destruction of multiple nearby universes,and the spread of the Irken Empire across the galaxy. Along with the creation of a stricter,colder,heartless version of Irken society. 

On Irk ,the year is 201500000000. This is due to the fact that the empire never reset the calendar for unknown reasons.

On Earth ,the year is 2,056,000,000,000,000 A.D.


The Irken Race seemed to have become more dependent on machines and cybernetic implants. Almost every single Irken alive has some sort of implant besides their PAK in this time. There is also a huge increase in defectives and birth defects in Irken smeets. This caused Irken society to become stricter and less tolerant of defectives. Most defectives are killed at birth automatically,and mutants are sent to Irk's sun in fake space tours. 

Irkens antennae are getting shorter and shorter each generation,due to genetic engineering to decrease individuality. It is theorized that one day,Irkens will be bio engineered to be exact replicas of each other with no gender. Similar to clones. 
Hfh 001

Examples of Future Irkens

Awful Future Theme

Awful Future Theme

State of Present CharactersEdit


  • After the events of 1000 thousand years later,this timeline is now considered an alternate universe after the main timeline was split in two,due to a time travel incident involving Lurk,Mario,Hatbot,Darrz,Draxx,and a couple of irkens from this alternate timeline.
  • This timeline can only be accessed by alternate dimension traveling,however it's location in the Multiverse is unknown.


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