Z-011 is an alternate timeline where Lurk is homosexual and is known as "Luek".

​Differences from Z-14Edit

  • Lurk is homosexual in this universe,and is known as "Luek".
  • Luek has a "sister" clone in this universe known as Lurl. Their PAKS are connected together by a psychic link.
  • Luek is much more sane in this universe,due to the Alemus war never happening.
  • The robloxia invasion never existed.
  • Rifts are less common in this universe.

a fabulous picture of luek


  • Lurl is a parody of mary sues.
  • Lurl and Luek's names are both based on typos of Lurks name.
  • The Prime Lurk only once visited this timeline on accident, but immediately left after meeting his alternate version of himself and his "sister". He also threw cube grenades at his alternate versions before leaving. It is unknown if they survived this event. 

lurks confused reaction to meeting them



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