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Z-?!?, also known as Z-CRCK, is an alternate version of Z-14 that follows no internal logic whatosever. It is unknown how it came into existence, as anyone who attempted to research it's origins violently exploded. It tends to draw in completley random people from other dimensions, typically versions of Jib and Mario.

It is also home to Jib's inexplicable twin brother Jin. Aswell as the unholy overmind; The Cheese.



While it's impossible to detect a consistent pattern in this alternate universe, several things have been noted as happening with regularity: 

  • Anyone who dies is usually ressurected in bizzare ways
  • Limbs tend to mutate into random things
  • Usually causes violent insanity to those who enter it.

However, because if it being literally impossible to study it, it's possible these are all some kind of series of horrible coincidences. Most people who enter it tend to deeply repress it, or go into a murderous rage. 

On the other hand, it's possible all of the above information was just thought up by someone who went insane after entering it.