Z?-13381 is a timeless group of 16 conjoined universes just outside of the multiverse. It is unknown to most but can be accessed through ancient hidden portals. Much like Z-?!?, randonly horrific things happen here.


Z?-13381's time makes absolutely no sense and is non linear. Unfortunately this causes beings without use of the eleven time dimensions to lose their memories of being there(Excluding ones with technology able to do such a thing). 


The main prime conjoined universe of Z?-13381 is described as a void resembling a nebula filled with bright multicolored stars. Any being that enters this universe will have a picture of themselves hover above them, the inhabitants call this an "icon". There is barely any physics in this universe, making almost anything possible. 

The other 16 conjoined universes are described as generic universes with alternate earths in them. These universes are usually destroyed on a daily basis because of Z?-13381's constant chaos, but regenerates somehow. 


Z?-13381 has an extremely high anomaly count, rivaling that of Z-?!?. It also has the strange tendancy to attract extra-multiversal entities, being the only universe in the Z-multiverse that has come in contact with anything outside the multiverse.


  • It is named after the infamousThread:13381. It is also where the thread takes place.
  • It is a actually a group of conjoined universes, but is usually referred to as a universe.
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