Xa'akrat is the warlord of Kakradon, and of the Kakradonites.

History Edit

Xa'akrat was born from a special cloning machine which only makes a Kakradonite when a new warlord has come, to be the heir. Xa'akrat still, of course, went to military training, and became a solider. He went through the ranks, from soldier to space trooper to pod fighter to warrior, and eventually became a commander. He was a commander for 10 years, and then, it was one day that there was a disaster which destroyed the Kakradonite palace, killing the warlord. Xa'akrat became the new warlord, and stayed in a back up palace until a new one of his design (with a little extra feature) was finished. Xa'akrat then began using masks to conceal his face, and rules Kakradon to this day.

Personality Edit

Xa'akrat rarely talks, but when he does he shows a huge lack of emotion and overall personality. However, Xa'akrat is xenophobic like his subjects, and has a desire to absolutely obliterate all other life forms. Despite his lack of emotion, he uses masks with different expressions to show people what emotion he is feeling.

Appearance Edit

Xa'akrat wears a black uniform with a hood, is 5'9, and is always wearing a mask, as stated above.

Facts of Doom Edit

  • Xa'akrat has the ability to see everything about someone through their eyes. This is a psychic ability which has long been forbidden on most planets, and is the only psychic ability Xa'akrat has, aside from his high speed.
  • Xa'akrat wears masks because of something that happened to him right before his reign began.
  • Xa'akrat uses old English words when speaking, such as "thou", "thy", "hath", "'tis", etc.
    Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Rayquaza Music (HQ)

    Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Rayquaza Music (HQ)

    Xa'akrat's battle theme

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