Wy is an Irken soldier, he ended his training and was assignated to a squad around the "Operation Impending Doom I" time. He is the leader of the squad because he was taller than the rest.

He is smart and quick to notice things, and hasn't any problem vocalizing when he has a problem with it. However, he won't have the courage to do so, if by doing so he has to speak up to the authority.


He is taller than the rest of his teammates, and his eyes are the regular ruby color.



He respects Ressen, but relating to him is hard. Ressen's diffcult personality will lead them to have more conflicts than anything else.


He talks much more with Athy than with the rest of the team. He doesn't care if she ignores him.


Kerr creeps him out, so he tries to avoid him as much as possible.


He finds Denna obnoxious, altough he is not sure why.

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