A Woooogian

The Woooogians are the result of an experiment gone wrong. They were created by an unknown alien race long ago to be used as biological weapons. Unfortunately,they must've completely eradicated their masters.


The Wooogians communicate with electronic noises,beeps,and sometimes even hissing noises or croaks.

Woogians hunt in packs.

The Woogians are mindless killing machines,their entire purpose is to kill. They will try to kill anything that isn't one of their kind. 

In order to stay alive,Woooogians absorb the energy of whatever technology they can find.


The Woogians possess eye lazers they can shoot from their eyes,plasma disks from their "mouths" and they can tear their victims apart with their claws. The woogians also possess strong arms,and can bend metal.


The woogians reproduce with spores,a woogian will release spores from a spore sac on their backs when they die. Eventually the spores form into Woogians and get any technology they can find to create their cyborg parts.

Facts Edit

  • Woogians are based off of human hands.
  • It is unknown who created them.
  • Woogians inhabit abandoned space stations and caves of random planets.
  • Their organs are exposed in a transparent pink shell.
  • Woogians can climb on ceilings and walls.
  • Woogians range from 4 feet tall to 8 feet tall.
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