Irken Empire Wiki

Welcome to the Irken Empire. Before we issue you a planet to conquer, you will need to look at the Invader Code of Conduct and the List of Invaders. After that, contact an Admin. A list of active Admins can be found here. Let them know you have joined. Then, create your character's page. From there, you can earn badges, create your SIR unit's page, and... other stuff!

If you need help creating your character's page, here's a how-to:

1. Click 'Add a Page', which should be in top middle if you're at the home page. Or, it should be to the right of whatever you're looking at. In fact, it should be to the right of the words 'Invader Meen, Invader LiAnn, or Invader'.

2. Once you click it, this box should pop up. Click 'Blank Page' and type in a title (your Invader's name) in the white bar.

3. Click, 'Add a Page' in the bottom right corner of the box, and you should have a blank page to type in! Just click in the gray area and start typing about your character!

4. Once you're done, click the blue 'Publish' button to the right, and voila! Your own page!

If you need ideas, here's a basic example:

Write your invader's story as you like it, as long as it complies with the Invader Code of Conduct.

Then, click 'Add other templates' to your right. A box should pop up. Click in the white box, and type 'Template:Invader Infobox'. Type only that, and exactly that way. Then, click 'Insert'. There should be another box that pops up that says 'image' and then a white box, etc. Type in your character's name in the white box under 'name', and basically all the information about your character under the boxes. Don't worry about the 'image' box, we'll help you with that later. Once you fill that out, click 'OK' and drag the green puzzle piece-thing in front of your words.