Arch Emperor Supreme Warlord Aidan

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  Irken Ruler. Who lived three thousand years ago--earth time--and Aidan ruled Irk for 600 years. He was 7 feet tall and it is now known that he was current Almighty Tallest Red's ancestor. He had phosphorescent glowing red eyes with a sharp stare which his enemies feared to look into. Aidan was born with a very strange birth defect with his antennae, making them look like demonic horns, which was believed to enable him to telepathically read others' thoughts. He played a major role in Irk's history in starting the new Irken Empire's expansion into the vast empire it is today, through conquering many planets, enslaving all its native inhabitants by the billions. His reign is best remembered by Irkens for Irk's unending golden age of prosperity during the universe's dark ages which Aidan is believed to of caused .

There was a rebel Vortian military plot that tried to overthrow Aidan, which all ended in one violent bloody failure. Aidan had all the Vortian leaders of the plot teleported to their doom in the Irken Battle Arena for gladitorial combat against the Dino of Doom, a colossal dinosaur-like creature which ate them, leaving only some bones. He sent the remaining participants of the plot to the dungeons. Aidan later had the other Vortian prisoners in the dungeons fired out of a cannon into Conventia because he was bored .

Aidan also had an obsession with blowing things up such as planets in order to obtain dominance in trade in certain regions of the galaxy, moons in order to make way for Irken docking rings around conquered planets for exporting goods.

Aidan caused much misery and suffering in his reign to all his enemies during his galactic conquests by pummeling their cities into smoldering ruins. Even if they had already been capitulating , he would still order his troops to deploy devastating bombardment strikes with his anti-matter lasers and turning his enemy's homeworld into an apocalyptic nightmare with his Irken Armada, and erased many races out of existence who dared challenge the Irken Empire one such planet that dared oppose Irk was Omega Utopia which was once home to a homosaipen human like species with green colored eyes until Aidan,s armies purged the planet of life the once lush green world of Omega Utopia became known as planet Infernous due its perpetual flames the planets oceans even boiled and then evaporated into space leaving no life on the planet the planet Infernos became a terrifying example of what would become of enemies of the Irken Empire .  

On Aidan's deathbed, his last wish was for the the Irken Empire to totally conquer the universe in order to unite and civilize all races.

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