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A Vraalskrith warrior

"Xi'rek, Wex Vraalskrith, Praxx Crakk Irk'krill s Zav!" ~Emperor Zagraal

The Vraalskrith are a warlike insectoid race bent on drawing blood and exploiting resources. The Vraalskrith homeworld Planet Vraal used to be lush and tropical, but when Zirus Minor caught onto it's solar system, the ecosystem was destroyed and most Vraalskriths were forced offworld to conquer other habitable planets.

Space battle.jpg

A Vraalskrith beam cannon, the standard soldier's weapon


The Vraalskrith evolved over millions of years, starting as bacteria, evolving into exoskeletal sea creatures, into small scorpion-like creatures, and then into what they are today. The Vraalskrith are an ancient race that came into being millions of years before the Irkens, but only started their militarization in a mere fraction if their history due to global climate change. After roughly a million years as an evolved species, Zirus Major caught hold of an orbiting dwarf star now called Zirus Minor. This destroyed the ecosystem of Vraal and killed most of the inhabitants, save for the Vraalskrith and a couple other insect-like species.

Forced underground, the Vraalskrith began a huge mining operation, creating vast and intricate underground hives. The Vraalskrith, lacking a queen and being birthed by other means, had emperors. Each emperor controlled several hives and wore gold bands as a symbol of each hive he ruled. Eventually, industrialization hit Vraal and many advancements in biotech fusing was made.

Emperor Zagraal in his life sustaining tube

The Vraalskrith could now "birth" their spaceships and weapons, equip them with some technological receivers and catalysts, and send them to battle. Having invented space travel, the Vraalskrith, united under one emperor, went out to conquer another planet to call home in place of Vraal. In a bloody coup, the emperor was overthrown by Emperor Zagraal. As the lifespan of an average Vraalskrith is only 50 years, Zagraal had his brain removed from his head and put in a special solution to make it decompose at a rate nearly 100 times faster than the average Vraalskrith. Emperor Zagraal has ruled Vraal for nearly 700 years.

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