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Lard Nar. A Vortian scientist.

The Vortians are one of many races conquered by the Irken Empire. They are a highly intelligent alien race who are masters of science who now unwillingly serve their Irken conquerors supplying them with advanced military technology. The Vortians' many inventions include the Megadomer, MiniMoose, and The Massive. The Vortians' homeworld Planet Vort has, since it's conquering, been entirely converted into a military research prison serving the Irken Empire. But, it is now known that some Vortians have managed to escape Vort by hiding deep in garbage cans, such as the infamous Lard Nar, leader of the Resisty, a group who are trying to overthrow the Irken Empire. At one point in time Irk was in alliance with Vort which presumably ended due to the death of the Irken leader at the time Almighty Tallest Miyuki on Vort Research Station 9,

Vortian consuming a Vort dog.

which probably lead up to the Irken invasion of Vort because the Irkens were holding the whole Vortian race responsible for their former leaders mysterious death. All that is known about the Irken invasion of Vort is that many if not all Vortian ships where destroyed as quoted by Almighty Tallest Purple "Thats a Vort ship! I didnt think there was any of those left",

The Vortians could a be mammalian species due to their similarities to goats just as the Irkens resemble insects. The Vortians goat like characteristics consist of their hooves instead of hands and goat like horns, and hocks on their legs. Vortian skin is Grey; their eyes are tiny and are all one color like Irken eyes. The typical Vortian is around the same height as an Irken. The Vortian race could possibly be the first alien race to come into contact with the Irkens because of their long history together even way before Operation Impending Doom 1, the Irkens where in some alliance with Vort probably against a common enemy alien race.