Heh! Heheheh! Wasn't that funny?! Funny, wasn't it?! Aren't I funny!? Heheheheheheheheheheheheheh! I'm so funny! So very funny! HAHAHAHAHAH!
— Vlud after going insane
Vlud is an Irken criminal mastermind who was a smeethood friend of Invader Vax, but later became one of his worst enemies.


Early lifeEdit

Vlud was born from the same batch as Vax, and was friends with him. He did third best in the training academy, and often helped Vax. After passing to his final test, he became a soldier.

As a SoldierEdit

As a soldier, Vlud helped Vax and fought in many great wars with Vax, until finally becoming an Irken Elite.

As an EliteEdit

As an Irken Elite, Vlud was becoming less-popular, and was feeling more griefed. He fough in the The Irken-Clorxian War, where he had a serious tragity: He was knocked off a ship, fell into a Shuvver, and ended up crashing it onto Planet Clorx, where a Clorxian used a strange device to rip the ship apart, and Vlud was knocked down. He survived, and was sent to Invader Class.

Going insaneEdit

He was doing fairly well in Invader Class, but before he could pass, he saw a strange face that completely destroyed his sanity, and he hid for a half an hour, until Vax (who was gaurding the place with the rest of Yarn's squad) found him. Vax knew Vlud had gone insane, and so called some guards to get Vlud to the Loony Bin Planet. Vlud ran away before they could catch him, vowing that he would return.

Later on Edit

Hiding in the shadows, Vlud began to plot universal domination, and developed an army of robots which look like cloaked men wearing creepy smile masks. He has now become a powerful enemy of Vax, and encounters him occasionally.

Personality Edit

Vlud is psychotic. He talks like it, he acts like it, it is so clear that he is psychotic. He is very energetic, and bad-tempered. He is known to be very sadistic, and is very ruthless as well.


Vlud has purple eyes, a red Irken navigator uniform, crumbled antennae, sharp teeth, and a PAK with purple spots.

Facts Edit

  • Vlud is based on three different fictional characters: The Master from Doctor Who, Porky from the MOTHER trilogy, and Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes.
  • Vlud built his robot army with the help of a strange alien race which has not been seen since.
  • The Irken Empire does not care for his disappearance, since he would have tried to destroy them probably if he didn't.
    Battle! Giratina - Pokémon Platinum Music Extended

    Battle! Giratina - Pokémon Platinum Music Extended

    Vlud's battle theme.

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