Deva and LIR at Viziandorca.

Viziandorca is a network of asteroids connected by bridges to form a planet that the Meteor Beavers currently live on.


Viziandorca is a huge planet made from asteroids connected by bridges of iron, forged by the most focused Meteor Beavers. It is hollow on the inside because there is a star inside. The star is kept alive by growing fungi and throwing it into the star. The whole of Viziandorca is huge, because  it is built for the huge Meteor Beavers. All of the innermost asteroids used to be an asteroid belt, but it was built into a giant sphere. Irkens don't want to destroy it because the Meteor Beavers are willing helpers and they can travel faster than light by using telekinesis. It is also used for training because it behaves like a giant iron bubble. Gravity is generated by a giant grid of cables put into the bridges and floors that are powered by the star. It is also visited simply for fun. Oxygen is also generated and sometimes helped to stay put with telekinesis. There is a ring in a special spot on Viziandorca, which takes any material and transforms it into oxygen or water which is held by the gravity from the asteroids linked together, and artificially created gravity as well.This ring also creates the matter necessary to fuel their star. Should the star explode, it would be held comapact by telekineses untill fed more matter. Plants are common on Viziandorca oxygen farms as well. The result is an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Relationship with the EmpireEdit

Viziandorca is currently an ally with the Irken Empire because of their ability to move things with their mind, which can be used to force enemies to be anywhere needed, and they are capable of fast interplanetary transport. They also are good for food planets and restaurants because they love food and can also give free peanut butter. They also have advanced technology for the Irkens.


Legend has it that the Meteor Beavers came from their endangered home planet. It is said that only three of them left and came to Viziandorca's future location, with tons of supplies to build a planet and create more Meteor Beavers. But they couldn't agree on what type of planet they wanted and eventually they ended up with millions of asteroids and a star. Then they decided to link all the asteroids together in a big hollow sphere, with the star in the middle. When more Meteor Beavers were created, eventually gravity and an atmosphere was added, making today's Viziandorca.


These are some ways to have fun at Viziandorca, such as trying the local produce, or traveling to the innermost rings to bask in their star. Or perhaps asteroid parkour.

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