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I have been asked questions about Vio so here is more info on her. Yay!

Vio's Insanity and Crush on Zim[]

Vio was the first Irken to try to get her PAK fixed by the scientists at Vort Research Station 10. Since the Tallest realized that they were lowering the Irken population by 5%. One of the computers malfunctioned, causing the additions of errors to her PAK. Scientists are still trying to figure out what exactly happened to the computer. And her insanity is neutral. Unless you get her mad. Then you are in huge trouble!  Vio has a major crush on Zim. Why? She can relate to him. They both want to please the Tallest. Both want to be INVADERS. So, they are getting along just fine. She is even trying to fix GIR for Zim.

How Vio Met Tak, Zim, Tenn, and Skoodge[]

While on her way to the Tallest to tell them about her mission, she bumped into Zim and Skoodge. They talked for a while, sharing what planets they were invading, then they all continued on their way. On her way back to her Spaceship, she met up with Tak (who she knew since they were smeets), and her new friend, Tenn. They talked to Vio about their plan to track down Zim. Vio swore she would not tell Zim about it. And with that, she felt she had friends. Even if they were keeping secrets.