Vio is 120. She is a crazy defective but she is very intelligent. 

As a smeet, Vio would wonder around under the planet's surface. When she was allowed on the planet's surface, she immediately began to build a spacecraft and called it the SpaceDagger. She isn't an invader yet, but she was sent to Jupiter for an assassination mission to try to wipe out the Jupitroy population because they are completely useless. But the planet was very useful. The Tallest are building more research stations. But before all of that, she was the first defective to ever be tested on to remove the errors in PAK's. But one of the computers malfunctioned and then she had more errors in the PAK. Vio was extremely skilled at killing. So she managed to wipe out the Jupitroy population in only 2 weeks. Now they are calling the planet, Milky Way Research Planet. Vio had nothing to do so the Tallest sent Vio to help Zim on Earth. She drove her SpaceDagger there and brought along Sab, her SIR unit. She faked having a crush on Dib and managed to drag him into a trap, draining the information about Vio and Zim being aliens. Zim managed to conquer Earth. 

Vio is 5' 1". You can find a outdated picture of her on the "Vio" page. 

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