Homeworld Irk
Age N/A
Rank Defective.
Race Irken.
Gender Female.
Eye Color Light Blue.
Weapons N/A
Equipment Very Defective PAK.
Affiliation(s) The Irken Empire.
First appearance N/A

Vio is a very complex Irken defective. Notably, her robot is a rebuilt SIR unit (model 3) named Sab.


Vio was a defect who participated in an experiment to fix their PAK at Vort Research Station 10, long ago. Unfortunately for them, the experiment ended up adding more errors to their PAK instead of rectifying them. 

Nowadays, they live on Irk, and constantly try to escape and become an Invader to please the Almighty Tallest, despite their rather loose grip on reality, being more unhinged than even Zim


Vio has light blue eyes, and a purple outfit (similar to Tak's). Distinctively, she has curved antennae, unlike most other females. She also has tall black boots and long black gloves, and has the Irken Military Symbol imprinted on her forehead.

Her PAK is light gray with black spots.

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