"Stop calling me cute!"

A young, reclusive, and somewhat twitchy cadet, little is known about Vil due to a combination of uncharacteristically poor recordkeeping on the Empire's part, as well as her own shyness.

Biography Edit

Vigil, or Vil, as she prefers to be called, lived the typical Irken life. A century of training and learning underground, leading up to a graduation from the Academy and a job.

Her job?

More learning. Hooray.

It's not the official job title, but it's close enough to 'Cadet Overseer' , all things considered. In Human terms, that basically means Student Teacher. Thus, Vigil drifts from assignment to assignment, gaining more and more experience in various fields, and has at one time served under Adjucator Skabb.

Most recently, she has found herself assigned under Invader Averii on the military training world of Hobo 13.

Appearance and Equipment of Note Edit

Physical Edit

For her age, Vil is of respectable height, and can be easily identified by her green eyes, shorter antennae, and large eyelashes.

Possessing a rather shapely figure, Vil is quite fit, if a bit thin as she eats relatively little compared to the average Irken.

Notably, her PAK's spots are painted Purple.

Clothing Edit

Vil usually wears a sleeveless, striped red uniform with a small skirt over the standard black jumpsuit, regardless of the occasion. Often it is complemented by body armor, red and grey boots, as well as gloves.

Weapons and Other Gear Edit


Miscellaneous Edit

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Personality Edit

Rather secretive, shy, and reclusive, Vil does exhibit some notable quirks, such as an unusual protective attitude towards those she considers 'close', as well as an obsession with sugar.

Notable Relationships Edit

Averii Edit

Her latest commanding officer, she regards him with quite a bit of respect, holding him very highly. Notably, she's always eager to do work for him and possesses quite a bit of enthusiasm whenever working with him. Aside from that, little is known about her relationship with Averii.

Mario Edit

Somewhat shy around Mario, Vil displays an unusual amount of friendliness and shyness towards them specifically. Often, she seems to gravitate towards him whenever the two are present, and has shown a tendency to try and back him up, be it in combat or in an argument.

Skabb Edit


Jib Edit

She thinks he's a nerd. Enough Said.

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "Neeeerd!" - Talking to Jib.

Roleplays Edit

Other Facts Edit

  • Vil was created from a drawing of Averii that became overly feminine, and a name created by Cravitus and chosen by Jib (The user).

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