The Vhraakk mirror is a strange "haunted" mirror located in Nightmare SICC's base. It seems to be very ancient and is falling apart. It seems to harbor some kind of demon inside it trapped inside a pocket dimension of some sort.


The Vhraakk mirror is a 7 foot mirror with strange,unknown purple symbols on it's frame. It has a purple frame, with golden faces of an alien of unknown species on the top of the mirror. 

The mirror's glass is extremely fragile,and if shattered,any piece of it cannot be located 5 feet away from it,or it will automatically fly back onto the mirror where it belongs.

Summoning the DemonEdit

If shattered,putting it back together will cause it's pieces to fuse together perfectly. Once this happens,the mirror will violently shake. Followed by the symbols on it's frames brightly flashing,and any reflection on it's glass to horribly distort. 

Then,the mirror will begin to display random images.  The mirror will them emit pink electricity and turn black. Then pink text will appear on it allowing the Demon to speak to the summoner. Eventually the mirror will begin to speak with a distorted high pitched voice. The mirror will glow pink as it does. 

The Mirror will then persuade anyone nearby to make a deal with it. Once anyone makes a deal with it they will gain a reflective purple diamond symbol on their body or any object they're currently holding. This symbol will allow the mirror to communicate with anyone who makes a deal with it.

The demon seems to be only temporarily capable of communicating through the mirror. Once it can no longer communicate through it the mirror will shatter. However the demon can communicate through the symbol on the dealer whenever it pleases.

Trivia of SpookinessEdit

  • It seems to be extremely old.
  • It is unknown how it ended up in Nightmare SICC's base.
  • It's origin is unknown.  
  • It is capable of sprouting monstrous black clawed arms to grab objects. It can also absorb memories by grabbing onto people's heads with these claw arms.
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