Vortian marauder by fhsjr-d6iqmz6

Vaz is a pandorian militant who joined Lex to escape from Vort after it was conquered. He was used during the Pandora-Irken War and secretly escape the war to help Nuc captured Almighty Tallest Zim and Tak. And was used to destroy Um and It, who came back to take control of Irk. But he failed along with the military force and was exiled to a unknown planet after the rebellion.


He is a selfish, zealous, and greedy militant who only cares to impress himself and Nuc, the ruler. He sacrifices other pandorian militants although they don't want to sacrifice themselves.


"I'm the best out of everyone else".

"I'm the most important militant than everyone else".

"I'm here to impress Nuc and myself".


• He usually impress the ruler to be named the greatest militant of Pandora. And he tries to impress himself is because he thinks he is important.

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