Vasma turret bot
Small and quiet, these tiny killers are the might of the Irken Mercenary Vasma.


As Vasma was running from Zim and Zim's giant robot, Vasma stumbled upon an old, deactivated Irken defense turret. Without even thinking about it, Vasma grabbed the tiny turret, and took it with him. Much later after his escape, Vasma was thinking about how it could be made useful. He then strapped it to a silver colored metal ball, and used that as a design template. The result of his tinkering and experimenting, was a tiny sphere that could grow four spider like legs from one side of it, which would be it's top, and in between the four legs, a hole would appear, and from that hole would come a turret, with a camera on its left side.

These mechanical killers are remote controlled from a tablet-like device that Vasma keeps on him at all times.

The many uses of these robots.Edit

These things can be used for a small variety of tasks. These uses include (but are not limited to) Turret based traps, sneaking up to an enemy and killing them, and also spying.

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