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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 27 March 2016

Wiki Contributions

Hey there! Long time, no see.

I've not forgotten about this wiki. Believe me, it's something I want to get on more. It's just that I don't have much more to contribute at the moment from IZ:TDM!.

However, concept art is steadily coming in, and a few of the locations will have some set designs in soon. So, when that's done, I fully expect to be able to contribute a few more pages with exciting details regarding IZ:TDM!'s takes on certain settings (*cough*SpikeofJudgement*cough*).

So! Don't fret! I shall be posting more wiki pages soon enough, and - hopefully - that will attract traffic to this wiki. ;)

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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 1 January 2016

IZ:TDM! and 2016 - The Game Plan

I've failed you guys in the sense that this project has been in Development Hell for a while. That changes this year.

I think part of the problem stems from a lack of help in a few areas, like the concept art department. Now, hold on, this does not mean I think what help I got was useless! No, rather, it just means I didn't get enough volunteers (the ones I did get were awesome). So, first things must come first. Starting Monday, I'll redouble my efforts and talk to every concept artist I have to get things moving back to full steam in that department (and to get more character concept artists, and to get background design artists at last!) - it's a priority.

Secondly, I will be putting more emphasis on those VA's that haven't finished their…

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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 26 December 2015

"The Questioning" is Here!

Behold! It's here! From late September to October 31st, Invader ZIM fans sent in questions to their favorite character(s), and so now the IZ:TDM! Voice Actors & Actresses have responded in-character to those questions! Woohoo!!!

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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 8 November 2015

IZ:TDM! - Possible Future Promotional Contest Thingys (PFPCT's)

Hey there! :) I don't know how these will work, nor when I intend to implement them, but - to help IZ:TDM! get some feedback without spoiling too much to the general masses - I want to do a series of "pre-screenings" for IZ:TDM!, wherein I take a small sample (of only five people per stage!) and let them watch the full movie at a stage of production! :nod: Here are the ones I intend to do:

Audio Test Screening: Once the voice acting is completed after recording. It will just be a black screen with descriptive text synched up to the OFFICIAL voice actors' and actresses' lines! There won't be any sound effects or music, though.

The purpose of this test will be to ask you guys what you think of lines, who might need some redos, stuff like that. …

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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 18 September 2015

IZ:TDM! Presents: The Questioning

 Here's a link to the original source of this post:

What is this?

"The Questioning" is a promotional "ask a character" event for  Invader ZIM: The DOOM Movie!  that will run until October 31st, 2015.

How Does it Work?

You may ask any of the available characters any question you wish (within reason, of course - NSFW questions will be ignored, as will questions involving profanity and personal vendettas against others), and - sometime in November - a YouTube video will be posted featuring the voice actors and actresses for Invader ZIM: The DOOM Movie! answering questions in-character!

What Characters Are Available?

You may ask questions of any of the following characters…

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