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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 30 June 2017

What's up with IZ:TDM! lately?

I know you're wanting a quick-and-easy summary of the project, so I shall deliver! :)

1. We are going to have it be a M.A.P. (multi-artist/animator-project) *OR* a slideshow type deal done in my own artstyle.

2. Do get people to decide, I need to make a demo video for them to vote on.

3. I still need to make my part of the demo video.

4. ALSO, I have to do the audio for IZ:TDM! and do the concept art for it! YAY! JOY! SO HAPPY!

5. Besides IZ:TDM!, I have to help animate the "Dragonchist" short film, as well as a few other jobs I'm doing.

SO, that's why things are slow. FOR NOW.

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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 29 July 2016

Animation Tests

Hey guys! Stanley Orr here again, and I just wanted to quickly update you (since most of the IZ:TDM! stuff I've done is stuff I can't exactly share without leaking info that I don't want leaked yet :B)


Alright, so you may have (or may not have) known that I'm doing animation tests (here are the videos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] ), the purpose of which is to determine if an "animated comic" form would be a good fallback plan if full traditional animation doesn't work for IZ:TDM! I'll be updating you on these as they come along, and - fingers crossed - within the month you will see a sample of how IZ:TDM! could look in that style.


We only have one person left to do their lines, as I said…

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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 8 June 2016

IZ:TDM! Update (and exciting news)

Hey there, all! Long time, no see. Kinda. Anyway, it's been a while since I've done an update, so - here ya go - here's an update! Yay!




Alright, so, currently, things aren't going as smoothly as I want them to. I think there are areas we could use more help in, and pick up the pace with. But as far as all else goes, things are on a pretty good trajectory.


Voice acting is great. We only have two characters left - ZIM and Purple - and they've only got Act III left in their lines. So that's good. As soon as all lines of dialogue are recorded, I'll be getting to work editing them together for use in the final product. That will be great.


Concept art is one of the areas we're lagging in. It's unfortunate, but the fact remains tha…

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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 20 May 2016

IZ:TDM! and Irken Empire Wiki Inactivity

IZ:TDM! wasn't exactly at the forefront of my mind over the past two weeks thanks to other items coming up that required my attention. Rest assured, this is why I have more people working on the project than just me - while my attention was otherwise taken by other things, volunteer concept artists continued their awesome work, along with Voice Actors/Actresses, to ensure the project keeps moving closer to completion. Starting next week, my direct work on IZ:TDM! should resume its normal pace, and you can expect more normal updates from me. Again, you have my apologies for the relative lack of activity. IZ:TDM! (and - by extension - its related pages on this wiki) will see activity soon enough.


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Stanley Orr Stanley Orr 7 May 2016

IZ:TDM! Update

Well, it has been way too long since I've blogged about IZ:TDM! on here! That has to change.

Well, for starters, the project itself is going well. I have concept artists working hard, got some awesome-licious background artwork being made (that's always great), and fantastic character designs, as usual. Still, I could use more help. I'm always willing to take on more skilled artists capable of the work I'm needing.

Also, voice acting is going PHENOMENALLY. We're wrapping it up right now with the first pass of the audio. Within a month or two, all lines will have been recorded, and we'll be ready to run through the dialogue once and then do ADR after. That'll be great!

Bad news, of course, always finds a way to creep up. Viacom (or their bots)…

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