Whooooa. I have been so out of it. I totally forgot to invade another planet! Luckily BUNS smacked me across the face today and screamed for me to go do something. I figured invading would be doing something!

What is my new plan, you ask? Simple: I will travel to the Pokemon World and invade the Kanto region. I figure the strength of these creatures will be a great aid to Irk.

I've researched the Pokemon World. I have decided to be a human, as then I can control Pokemon. What will BUNS be, you ask? She will be the hideous yellow Pokemon known as a "Psyduck". She wasn't happy about it.

"Myu! You fool! Why would I dress like that?! I look like a moron!"

"BUNS, we have to for the mission. Put on your bill!"

I dressed as a powerful trainer known as "Misty." Once we get to the location, I'll kidnap her. My costume is awkward, but with my weapons, BUNS, and these oddly short shorts, I will rule all!!!

So, I'll be reporting when as I get to the area. Until then, Myu out!

PS: I may catch a few Pokemon and battle a little- hey, it's all for research!

Hideous, but effective.

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