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    Irken Takeover

    July 24, 2016 by Invader Tom

    NOTE: I do not plan on making this a Wikia Series. I only plan making these just for fun.


    ???: "NO! They destroyed the computer!"

    ???: "Do not worry boss, im sure we can find the computer they hooked Serum C4-08 to."

    • The second figure would be thrown across a pitch black room*

    ???: "It took me 3 IRKEN YEARS to find the Code Sector for this computer!"

    ???: "But what about Tom and Ben?"

    ???: "Maybe... Maybe i could make them do my dirty work then-"


    Tom: "Blasted Irken Computer! I almost had it!"

    Ben: "Master. There is a visitor for you."

    • Tom would use the elevator and go to the front door at rapid speeds*

    ???: "Here are your parts."

    Tom: "Thank you."

    • Tom would pay the person without hesitation*

    Tom: "Her…

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  • Invader Tom

    1. Mission.

    2. Something to do.

    3. Find me a place to get stronger defenses.

    4. Lab expansion.

    5. Computer Upgrade.

    6. Make me a superior but not as a superior as you.

    That's it. Make one of these requests happen NOW! Witherman50 (talk) 02:15, July 10, 2016 (UTC) Invader Tom

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