Hello, everyone! It seems that Plazatrax is absent today. Because of that, I am bringing you your weekly admin news today!

Admin Anouncements 

Invader Jib 

Had to change the rules due to people using loopholes. Check to make sure you comply with them.

Invader Vex 

On that same note, it is overall good wiki behavior to not try to exploit loopholes. Admins still have the authority to make rational choices even if they are not directly mentioned in the Code of Conduct, so just try to be a good member and use your common sense.

Community Announcements

I have noticed this wiki's look is kinda..dusty? I think we could use a new one. Post your opinions in the comments!

Tip of the Week

Please, use correct formatting on your pages. This makes it easier for the rest of us. Info boxes help greatly to begin this organization.

Articles of the Week 

Invader Jib 

Nightmare Ark It seems to me that most don't put a lot of effort into their Nightmare Irkens. Typically, Nightmare Irkens are just slightly more "evil" versions of their counterparts. There are, however, exceptions, and this is a good example. It is actaually well though out, and overall nice to read. 

Invader Vex 

Invader Zyl I like this article because it seems like a well developed character that a lot of work has been put into. When you consider that this page is not for a main character, but a side one, it really is impressive.

Pictures of the week 


This picture is extremely smooth and eye-catching, especially for a fan-made photo.


This is a sad example made to provide an example of what some people base an entire character off of. Please, if you aren't good at drawing, please commission a picture from me or another member of the wiki. -Vex

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