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  • Invader Jib

    So, as a naive new user unaware of the horrors lying within, you may have taken an interest to our fanon series. Here are just some things you should know in advanced

    • Once you join, you can never go back. Ever. 
    • Roleplays happen once every five years.
    • Recolors are highly encouraged.
    • Anyone who defies Lurk, Vex or Krev's ideas must be beheaded. 
    • Find up to date IC stuff here

    • Dream Zone
    • Dependance Day
    • Hat-BLU
    • The Reign of Nark (PT. 1)

    I apologize for my OC's behavior in these RPs, you're probably jealous of how awesome and cool it was.

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  • Invader Jib

    RP Schedule 2.0

    September 21, 2016 by Invader Jib

    post your status updates here

    this is just since the old one was horrible and full of drama

    we shouldnt do that again btw

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  • Invader Jib

    The Big Reveal

    April 1, 2016 by Invader Jib

    Lurk told me that it's time to reveal who defeats Isoeceles 

    It's time I told you all the biggest secret I have been holding 

    The character who defeats Iso in the finale is.....






    also han solo dies 

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  • Invader Jib

    Hello, everyone! It seems that Plazatrax is absent today. Because of that, I am bringing you your weekly admin news today!

    Had to change the rules due to people using loopholes. Check to make sure you comply with them.

    On that same note, it is overall good wiki behavior to not try to exploit loopholes. Admins still have the authority to make rational choices even if they are not directly mentioned in the Code of Conduct, so just try to be a good member and use your common sense.

    I have noticed this wiki's look is kinda..dusty? I think we could use a new one. Post your opinions in the comments!

    Please, use correct formatting on your pages. This makes it easier for the rest of us. Info boxes help greatly to begin this organization.

    Nightmare Ark …

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  • Invader Jib


    September 10, 2013 by Invader Jib

    I noticed there's been a certein amount of inactivity lately. Even those who tend to be sporatic activity-wise have been showing up less than usaul. There have been some days where I could literally count the amount of edits.  

    It seemed as if more admins would be enough to fix the problem before, but now I'm not sure. What do you guys think we should do? 

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