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  • Invader Ark

    Happy Valentine's Day

    February 14, 2014 by Invader Ark

    Ark here with another holiday blog, everyone. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all enjoy it and, y'know, the rest of your lives. I guess.

    So, have a good day!


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  • Invader Ark

    Ax's (Incorrect)Logic

    January 27, 2014 by Invader Ark

    Invader Ark here. This blog post is going to be following the events that occurred on this wiki's chat about a week ago...

    As those who were there know, I have apologized to the full extent those who requested an apology and I myself have deemed necessary. Unfortunately, my friend Ax has not done the same. I have tried to convince him that he needs to apologize, but his logic is that those he insulted DO NOT DESERVE AN APOLOGY... And I have been unable to convince him to change his opinion.

    Ax needs to apologize, particularly to Jib and Mario... But just to everyone in general that was present on the chat. He just doesn't seem to want to accept his mistakes.

    I will do anything and everything in my power to get him to return and apologize, but…

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  • Invader Ark

    I Am Leaving

    January 19, 2014 by Invader Ark

    Goodbye people. I am officially leaving. I am not coming back until you apologize to me or to Ax, who you really ought to, (*cough* *cough* Vex *cough*) and let go of the ban. Otherwise, you will not be seeing him... OR me. You have pushed me over the edge for pulling out the Banhammer on a new member when he just wanted you to listen to him. I will never see you again, unless you come to apologize on our new wiki, Irken Exiles Wiki. Goodbye. And for you, good riddance of two annoyances who no one cared anything about.


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  • Invader Ark

    Happy New Year

    January 1, 2014 by Invader Ark

    Hello once again! Invader Ark here to wish everyone on the wiki a happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to be more active in the wiki community... So you should be seeing me around more. Enjoy the first few days of 2014!

    Invader Ark

    P.S. I'll probably do one of these blogs every holiday. So... Hooray, I guess. Signing off!

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  • Invader Ark

    Bad News

    December 26, 2013 by Invader Ark

    Okay, news to everyone who did not already know this... InvaderCon 3: Final Doom is going to be held in... Austin, Texas. If you live in or around Texas and want to go, buy tickets and start celebrating. You will probably be able to make it. If you don't, find out if you can make it. You might be able to and you might not. Tickets will be available to the public in January, people, so get them if you can!

    Invader Ark, signing off!

    P.S. The title is "bad news" because it is bad news for me.

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