Pd:Okay i'll stop.


Pd:Let's go to the park.

Zara:Race You!

Pd:Your on.

  • Takes out board*

Zara:What's that?

Pd:You'll see.


  • Starts flying*

Zara:Hey your cheating!

Pd:Hey you watch out!

  • Crash*

Boy:Hey Watch were your going.

Pd:Well you shouldn't get in front of flying people.

Meen:Hey Grim get over here.

Pd:What kind of name is that.

Grim:Like if your name better .

Pd:It's Pd.

Grim:What does that even stand for.

Pd:It stands don't know.

Meen:Grim We have to go now!

Grim:I'm coming.

Pd:Yeah run away like the little scaredy cat that you are!

  • pant*

Zara:What happened.


Zara:For 20 minutes you were doing nothing!

Pd:Pretty much.