She brushed her hair with her cold fingers, it was caked with blood. What? What did I do? she thought. Her head ached, her mind was disorted, her surroundings blurry. Then, as though an instant, everything become normal. She found herself kneeling, in the cemetary, dawn arrisising. As the sun peaked out, she saw several dead bodies surrounding her. She tried to scream, but nothing came out, just a high pitched squeek. What- What happened? she managed to murmur.

A sillohuote started to come closer. Her eyes widen, " Who-who are you?!" she yelles out.

"it's okay, it's me, Zim," he scanned the area, his face went cold, and his voice went weak," What have you-you Done?!"

" I-I don't know" she stutters. He pulls her up by the collar, almost strangling her.

" WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW! LOOK AROUND YOU!" his voice softened," You went on a mass murder last night. This has been happening too often. The darkness is taking over, I need to report this to the Tallest."

"No, no," she says, breaking into sobs," No, if you tell fathers, they will neglect me once more, and only send me away. I don't want to leave." She begins to heave hysterically.

Zim pats her cheek," It's going to be all right". She collapses gently onto the floor, like a dying swan. Zim picks her up, and heads for the base.

*at base

" Tallest," Zim's voice breaks into tears," What-what do I I do, the darkness, it is taking over. And it is happenning more and more often."

Red speaks, voice soft," I'm afraid-" pauses," that we have to-"

" No No, we can't, I can't," Zim says angrily, tears streaming down his face like trickling waterfalls, " I don't have a heart, but my chest, it hurts. It feels like it's burning," he grabs his chest, face becomes stern," No, no I will find a way to stop this. And it will be alright, it will be alright," he reassures himself.

"Zim..," Purple whispers.