Zim: what's this is it Irken, it doesn't upset me

Skittles: its earth food, it's called sushi

Zim: sushi, eh? I hope it's not the same as waffles

Skittles: it's raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed

Zim: girl, no more

GIR: you must eat more!

Zim: but


Zim: here we go again, just like the waffles

  • A few billion sushi later*

Zim: GIR, fetch me the bucket! * BLEH* too late

Skittles: oh well, I can eat as much as I want

Zim: * vomit* lucky booger

Skittles: hold still * puts palm on Zim's belly*

Zim: what are you doing, I feel better

Skittles: I’ll only be able to do this once, but I’m transferring the sushi from your body to mine

Zim: GIR I don't need the bucket any longer

GIR: soooo, yous gonna eat more sushizz!

Zim: that's okay because skittles can just transfer it-

Skittles: I told you, I could only do it once

Zim: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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