Stupid stupid Dib! I threw my face into the pillows of my bed. WHY IS HE SO STUPID?! I thought I could trust him. We became good, no, best friends. Why did he have to be so God dang stupid?! I put on my headphones, full blast, screaming the lyrics to I'm so sick. Right now, I only felt like a peace of crap.

He just had to see my scar, now didn't he. The one I got when- when Elij was killed BY THOSE GOD DANG RESISTY! And, couldn't do anything. The door opened, and I saw, him. " What do you want?" I said in my usual sarcastic tone. He ran up to me, kissing me cheek, and then hugging me tightly.

" I'm sorry," he said, as gentle as a feather on the breeze, " Do you know what love is? Wait what am I saying?"

" NO, NOT THOSE WORDS!" I screamed at those familiar words.

"What's wrong?" he looked at me horrrified, he obviously didn't understand.

" Just get out," I held back my tears.


" Get the heck OUT!" I pointed to the door. Zim walked in. I looked at him coldly. " I know it was you."

" I just wanted to get rid of the hum-" I slapped him. I continued to beat him until he was bloodier than the war in Librya. Skittlez came in.

" WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO ZIM?!" she ran up to him, cradling tenderly, I knew she was going to heal him. I turned from the sight of them. Stomping into my room, I slammed the door, threw myself onto my bed and began to scream to my Screamo songs, blaring from my headphones. God dang it, HOW I HATE THE EARTH!

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