Thorn: Hey, dib, wanna' walk me home?

Dib: sure, kat dumped me

Thorn: what for?

Dib: Caz I said that her dress made her look fat

Thorn: nice

Dib: hey thorn, watch where your-*car-screech, pushes thorn*

Thorn: hey what was that for-no *sees dib bleeding, unconscious* NO! *sobbing* it's gonna be all right*carries dib*. SKITTLES! HELP ME! *SOBS* PLEASE!

Skittles: what's wrong, oh, oh my. What, where's the stupid driver that did this, when I get my hands on them-

Thorn: no it was my fault; I wasn't watching where I was going

Skittles: zim! We’re going home, NOW!

Zim: what's wrong- oh, oh, oh gawd

  • at base*

Zim: his body is in bad condition, I don't think you can-

Skittles: shut up zim! Before I reach into your mouth a rip out your tongue

Zim: *eyes lower* skittles

Thorn: skittles, I think Zim’s right, I don't think we can-

Skittles: pak

Thorn: what?

Skittles: I can transfer his mind into a pak

Zim: but we don't-

Skittles: I do, all I need is an artificial body, but only Pd has one

Pd: okay, I’ll give it to you, I may not like dib, but since you're kinda of my sister, here *hands skittles a smeet tube*

Skittles: hopefully, the smeet adapts to dib's age * attaches a band around dib's head to the pak, glow appears* now we attach the pak to the smeet- *smeet wakes up, flashes, becomes older*

Dib: what, what happened, the last thing I remember is the car. But, shouldn't I be dead?

Thorn: *hugs dib* your Irken now!

Dib: what?! *looks in mirror* oh my gawd! * Dib is has deep blue eyes, a black Irken uniform, opened, with his signature blue shirt underneath*

Zim: now, if you try to expose me, you'll exposing your own kind

Dib: cool, but how will I-

Skittles: disguise yourself? Taken care of, here. *hands him a pair of glasses* these will cause a hologram to make you look like your old self, much like Tak's.

Dib: wow, thanks *puts glasses on* wow, I look human again! Thanks skittles

Skittles: it was really thorn's idea

Thorn: *blush* it was nothing, I just thought about-

Dib: *kisses thorn* thanks

Thorn: ah *blush*

Skittles: thorn,*mischievous smile* looks like you got a boyfriend

Zim: yes! Now you got dib off your back-

Skittles: shut up! I still love him *dib blushes*, but as my little brother

Pd: boo hoo, what a corny sob story. Who wrote this, Hollywood?

Skittles: *hugs Pd* no, this is what love is

Pd: *blush* now, er, let me go, before I destroy zim

Zim: you wish! *Pd and zim start bickering in Irken*

Dib: you guys just ruined the moment

Thorn: *kisses dib* let’s go

Dib: *blush*

Skittles: dib, thorn, cover your ears and eyes!

Thorn: why?

Skittles: just do it! (censored for your safety. Only way to describe, lots of angry singing.)

  • nightmare world flashes constantly

Zim: okay, stop singing, we'll stop fighting

Pd: what power is that?!

Skittles: chaos, don't mess with me, got it?!

Pd and zim: *scared* got it!

Dib: what happened?

Zim: remember the closet incident

Dib: ooh, you guys must have gotten her pissed!

Thorn: what?

Pd: don't ask