I looked to my right. There was tall Irken in red. To my right, a shorter Irken in yellow. I had no idea what they wanted. They just came up to me suprisingly, and now, they're just staring at me. It's scary. " YOU ME FRIENDS NOW!" they said loudly.


"J-JINX!" they said at the same time. "DOUBLE JINX!" I became annoyed and ran away as they were endlessly repeating jinx. Stupid Skittlez, this is her fault. I hate her so much. Someone tagged me from behind. It was Meen.

" Hi-hi M-Meen," I blushed.

" I know it was you," he said.


" You come back here Meen, I'm not done with you!" LiAnn said angrily. He went to argue to LiAnn about something on diarrhea or old people, I couldn't comprehend.

I went to my room, put on my headphones, and listened to My Love, by Sia. I fell asleep, I knew Irkens didn't sleep, but, somehow, I did. I sighed deeply, and rested. I rested on my beloved Elij.