I slumped against the wall, looking towards the colorless ceiling. My world was losing it's ground, and I was going down with it. Zim was being a little butt, and the ones I loved were either dead, or they disowned me. Skittlez was gone, she loved me, but I rejected her love with an ice cold shoulder. Dib disowned me, after he found out I was irken, our friendship had reduced to nothing. Nothing. That's what I am, a big nothing, and I hate myself for it. I couldn't enjoy life, and despised everyone around, only because I really hated myself. I began to grow angry, and threw my fist against the wall, leaving it with a big, bloody dent. All my knuckles were bleeding, and I hate the sight of blood. I ran to my medicine box and rubbed some Vortion lotion on it. It made it worse. "PIECE OF CRAP!" I howled, thowing the bottle on the ground, spilling it on the ground. The floor began to melt. I knew who did this. " ZIM!" He came into my room, first in suprise, but his face relaxed into a malicious grin. "What?" he said sarcastically. "You know what you little dookie," I said, my tone very angry. He chuckled. "I was wondering when my little prank would work," Zim said, repeatedly giggling like a little school girl. I wanted to punch the smirk of his cocky, green face, and I did. He flew against the living room wall like a ball that hits the ground. But like a ball, he bounced back and struck me powerfully in the stomach. "CRAP!," I cried, coughing up blood. He laughed, it was raining, and his laugh matched the booming thunder outside. Zim's laugh began to die, and his face became firm and as solid as stone. "You know what I was thinking, now that Skittlez is gone," he paused, her name still pulled his heartstrings. He took a deep breath,"Now that Skittlez is gone, I no longer need your presence in my house. Take your belongings and leave." He pointed to the front door. He jumped back to his lab, but then stopped and turned around. He looked at me,"And computer, make sure she leaves." "Yes sir." I began to hastily gather my belongings into my traveling PAK and walked out into the pouring rain. Looking at the sky, I thought: Where to now?

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