Zim: let’s play

Skittles: no I’m tired

Zim: tired of what

Skittles: dib

Zim: me too, wait tired of dib in what way

Skittles: he dumped me

Zim: for what

Skittles: for kissing him just so that thorn would kill him instead of you

Zim: I knew you loved me more

Skittles: I still love him

Zim: crap

Skittles: but, I love Gaz most

Zim: but you’re not

Skittles: as a sister you friggin' rapist

Zim: hey, you enjoy it, but I don't *blush*

Skittles: uhh, ya

Zim: I can't even take of my pants, they're attached to me

Skittles: but you can take of your shirt

Zim: weird right?

Skittles: no, awesome

Zim: *blush*

Skittles: *kiss*

Zim: you’re so sneaky

Skittles: yeah, but I’m the better dancer

Zim: shut up, you’re an android, it's not fair

Skittles: yeah it is, the tallest made me, and you’re just a pak

Zim: *looks down, hurt*

Skittles: so-sorry *kiss*

Zim: let’s play

Skittles: what, no, GIR's here

GIR: I made sushi!

Zim: oh gawd, no! * runs out*

Skittles: thanks GIR

GIR: can I have my check now?

Skittles: here* hands him a paycheck bar*

GIR: I *sniff* I love you