Zim: skittles...


Zim: calm down skittles, you’re running a fever. Oh no, I need to report to the tallest

Purple: oh great, its zim

Red: and-

Skittles: FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purple: skittles * looks horrified*

Red: oh no! She’s running a fever

Purple: zim! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!

Zim: she's been screaming "father" all evening... * his face has a pained expression, he looks up* what's wrong with her?!

Purple: it's my fault

Red: it's both our faults

Purple: but, I- I beat her

Red and zim: WHAT?!

Purple: I was mad, I wanted her to be perfect, not having to go through the pain of, love, so, I whipped her

Red: purple, how dare you, do you know how fragile she is? Her mind is unstable!

Purple: * looks down, filled with guilt*

Zim: how dare you. Sorry my tallest, it's just that, I love her so much, how can you do that to something so beautiful and loving.

Red: it's okay zim, we understand

Purple: we're going to earth

Red: not in the massive we're not, it's too noticeable

Purple: then what?

Red: the lightspeed

Purple: but isn't that a prototype?

Red: yes, but if it works, we'll be able to get there before her mind becomes corrupted

  • in the lightspeed*

Purple: it's so small

Red: yes, but that'll make it faster because less force will push against it

Purple: I’m well aware of that

  • An hour later*

Red: we are now reaching earth's atmosphere, purple, turn on the cameo

Purple: flipping the switch

  • the lightspeed turns invisible*

Red: let’s put on our human disguises!

  • Red wears a disguise with a shoulder lengthen red hair, a white blouse, black jeans, and purple contacts*

  • purple wears purple-bobbed hair, a black tang top, denim skinny jeans, and red contacts*

Purple: *knocks on door, zim opens* hi

Zim: (angrily) what do you want (mumbles) filthy human!

Red: invader zim, we've come for skittles

Zim: tallest? Oh I didn't recognize you in those clever disguises, come in

Skittles: zim *collapses*

Red, Purple, Zim: SKITTLES!

Purple: *picks up her limp body* its okay darling, your father is here for you

Skittles: *whisper* why, why do you love her more, why, you made me, used the thumbs they cut off in the trial

Red: how, how did you

Skittles: fathers, I remember, I could see you constructing me, using your thumbs and putting them on my hands, and, I could see my true form

Purple: no, you can't mean

Skittles: my mind, a ball of pure light and pure darkness, I’m not just an android, now am I?

Red: you’re really

Skittles: the daughter of Archangel Michael and Satan! You saved me, you saved me from dying. My real father left me to die on irk so that he could regain his place in heaven, and you saved me, why?

Purple: at first, we wanted the perfect destruction device, perfect for conquering planets

Red: but then you started to show signs of love, and we thought you would ruin the mission

Purple: so we sent you to earth, thinking that you couldn't find love...

Red: but we were wrong

Purple: you fell in love, that's why we, I mean I-

Skittles: that's why you beat me

Zim: I I*sobs and quivers, trying to handle the truth* skittles *holds her*

Purple: skittles...*skittles turns to him* I, I, I love you

skittles:* her eyes widen* fa, father! * She runs to them and they hold her in a warm embrace*

Red: skittles, honey, it's time for us to go

Skittles: but

Purple: *smiling* we'll come back soon

Red: * looks up a zim* zim

Zim: yes my tallest*bows down*

Purple: take care of her

Red: or we will show no mercy in destroying you

Zim: yes my tallest

Purple and red: * walk into the lightspeed and wave goodbye* WE LOVE YOU SKITTLES!