" Wake up, don't die!" she held his beaten body, she looks at his smashed PAK," You're going to be alright."

" Don't lie to me"

" Huh?" she says uneasily. He leans his body upwards, kissing her lips, and collapses.

" Goodbye," his body begins to fade away. She screams.

" No, no I'll fix you," she breaks down, his body is gone," I'll fix, I'll fix you," she begins to sob hysterically, her heart is broken. It faded away with his body.

Dakama wakes up violently. " Dang it, why that dream, why that dang dream," she grabs her chest, " It burns more the sun." A tall Irken enters, his presence is the darkness itself.

" You had that dream again, didn't you?" his voice angry, Dakama looks down, upset. " Just forget him, I'm your love!" He leans forward to kiss her, but she retreats. " Dang it! Why must your heart belong to him, he's gone! You can never bring him back!" his voice becomes hurt, and her Dakama's face becomes stern.

" I have no love, I have no heart. No Irken does!" she states. He chuckles, but the laugh is bitter. " There is no time to lose, we need to increase our army" She frowns, showing her true feelings. He watches her, sees that she still grieves is loss, and exits the door. She puts on her headphones, and turns up the volume, Funeral plays:

Im coming up only
to hold you under
Im coming up only
to show you wrong
and to know you
is hard we wander
to know you all wrong
we won
Ooooohh oooohh
Really to late to
call so be waiting for
morning to wake you
is hard begun
to know me as hard
be goin' mad
is to know me all wrong
(be mud)
and every occasion
ill be ready for the funeral
every occasion once more
its called the funeral
every occasion
of im ready for the funeral
and every occastion
of one billion day funeral
im coming up only
to show you down fled
im coming up only
to show you wrong
to the outside of the debby
the analouge
for days and countries
hang there long